Mother and Daughter Founding Team

Lulu loves art.
Being a fashion designer (particularly a famous one ;-) has been her dream since she was five or six. (She is 8 now.) When she was six, one day, she announced to the family that she will have a fashion brand called Lulu’s Dream when she is a grownup. She showed us the logo she designed and she was very excited about the bright future for Lulu’s Dream.

I love seeing her passion for Lulu’s Dream. She has been working hard creating designs since she was five. I've not counted all of her designs. My guess is that there are probably a few hundred. We collected all of them in binders.

It's not easy to be a little kid when you have big dreams for your future. We decided maybe we don't need to wait until she is an adult. Maybe the future is now. She can be the first one wearing a Lulu's Dream dress made from her own design.

Luckily we have the chance to spend the summer in Taiwan where both tailors and fabric selections for both texitle and hand-made wearables have a great reputation. We visited a few tailors, shopped for the fabrics and made her first Lulu's Dream dress! The experience was so rewarding for Lulu that both she and I want more girls to share this excitement.

After brainstorming with Lulu, we decided there are three parts of Lulu's Dream we'd like to offer. Our vision is to do all three. But for now, we will take baby steps with part I (tailoring service).

Our Vision for Lulu's Dream

1. Making Your Dress from Your Design: Tailoring service for making wearable fashion from your design
2. Show Off Your Design to The World: Online gallery for young designers to showcase their sketches
3. Fashion Designs by Kids for Kids: Online marketplace where others can buy your design and make outfits from your designs!


Mom Founder

Fanny is a serial entrepreneur and a digital UX professional. With Lulu's Dream, her goal is to let all girls (and boys) know that they can be whatever they dream to be when they grow up. There is no limit to their potential. The only limitation is your dream. So dream big! Dream like lulu 🌈


Daughter Founder

Lulu is currently a third grader. She lives in NYC with her family. She has been creating fashion designs since she was five. She initiated the idea of Lulu's Dream when she was six. She loves art, math and writing. She plays both cello and piano (and is also learning recorder this year at school). Her favorite "sport" is everything that slides including roller blading, skating and skiing. She’s on her third pair of Heelys. When possible, she Heelys (aka slides) to everywhere she goes. Lulu is fluent in Mandarin and knows some Taiwanese. She loves bubble tea and home-made dumplings. She is super excited that Lulu’s Dream is no longer just a dream. Using her words "Lulu's Dream is real now!" She'd like to remind everyone to always remember to dream like Lulu 💖